It’s Time For A Walk Down Memory Lane: Unsafe Childhood Toys

If you’re looking for some nostalgia, you came to the right place. Nowadays, kids play with apps and electronics, but there was a time when the only thing kids wanted was a trip to the toy store! We would run through the aisles of Toys R’ Us and had so many options! There were building blocks, Barbie dolls, water guns, and so much more! The best part was, our generation played outside, so we came home bruised up and scraped all the time.


Source: Photos by Fullempty, Martin Novak, Epicureyka, Fullempty / Shutterstock

Although a few cuts were harmless, some toys are actually extremely dangerous. It’s easy to assume that children’s toys need to be tested and approved before hitting the market, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Many of the toys that we enjoyed as kids are hazardous and caused numerous injuries and untimely deaths. Most of these products have been recalled, banned, regulated, or redesigned. However, some of them are still available. Here are some of the most dangerous childhood toys.

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