After 23 Years, a Grieving Wife Learns The Truth About Her Missing Husband

The marriage of Linda Iseler and Richard Hoagland looked perfect on the outside, but like everything in life, things were not as they seemed. Richard Hoagland disappeared mysteriously in 1993, and no one ever saw him again. Linda and their two sons were left without any money or hope of seeing their father again. (After the world heard Carole Baskin’s story, nothing seems too crazy anymore.)


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Secrets of Richard’s started coming out. Of course, the police suspected that Linda had something to do with his disappearance, which made things harder on her and her sons. Throughout the years, secrets came out about Richard Hoagland’s life that confused the detectives, but they didn’t stop suspecting Linda. For 23 years, Linda and her boys lived a life full of stress and paranoia. Then she received a call from a detective.

This is the shocking and tragic story of the disappearance of Richard Hoagland.

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