Woman Tracks Down Her First Love On Facebook 28 Years After They First Met

Everyone wants to find true love. It’s the dream of so many boys and girls and men and women; everyone hopes to eventually be able to find the right person for them and settle down, living out their own personal ‘happy ending.’ But sometimes, we meet the right person at the wrong time. This is exactly what happened to young lovers, Kay Gibbs and Michael “Marty” Martinovic, who first met back in 1980.


Source: Flickr

Even though their bond was strong and their connection was real, the time just wasn’t right for Kay and Marty back then. They ended up separating and living their own separate lives. But life can surprise us, and fate often has a few unexpected tricks up its sleeve, leading Kay and Marty back together, many years later. This is the story of an unpredictable and unlikely romance, and a happy ending that two people thought they’d never have.

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