An Adoption Story for the History Books: A Single Mom Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime

When Katie Page got a divorce during her thirties, she felt lost. Divorce can do that to you! She had the dream of being a mother and raising a big family. But the end of her marriage made Katie think that her dream wasn’t going to happen. But little did she know what the future had in store for her. After some soul-searching, Katie decided to make some changes in her life and take control.


Source: Instagram, @woodandgraceblog

Once she decided to become a foster parent to children who need homes, it took her on a path that she never expected to be on. Katie’s journey was full of ups and downs, and not to mention surprises that anyone involved was floored by. Just wait and see what fate had in store for Katie and her little ones.

This is the heartwarming and incredible adoption story of Katie and her kids…

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