Meet the Pink Lady of Hollywood: Kitten Kay Sera

For almost four decades, Kitten Kay Sera has been embracing her love for pink. She has been dubbed “The Pink Lady of Hollywood” after moving there from Texas. She went from wearing a fully pink outfit on her 20th birthday to getting rid of everything which wasn’t pink and purchasing it new (or old). Kitten Kay Sera has done what some people are dying to do and going “monochromatic,” as she calls it.


Source: Juco Photography

A lot of us will use meditation, watching a video with a litter of puppies, and other things to keep us happy, but Kitten Kay takes things to another level saying, “Pink makes me happy, so I surround myself with everything pink.” I do love pink, but I don’t think I can take it to this level. I do own a few things like her, though, like a pink sofa and matching towels throughout the house. But I don’t think I, or any of us, could take our love of one color to the level that Kitten Kay Sera does.

Let’s take a look into her life.

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