Forget Cats and Dogs, These Celebrities Prefer Tigers and Wolves

Celebrities spill an outrageous amount of money on mansions, yachts, and designer clothes. But also on tigers, sharks, and octopuses. Just normal day-to-day spending, right? Imagine going to errands with your pet cheetah or watching TV with your python wrapped around your neck. Seriously, the rich and the famous live radical lives.

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While some celebs on this list are responsible caretakers, others have done wild and illegal things to get their four-legged (or two-legged, or no legged) friends. And weirdly, a lot of them are obsessed with pigs. I wonder if they still eat bacon…

Ariana Grande’s Piggy Smallz

Meet Piggy Smallz – Ariana Grande’s pet who has almost half a million followers on his Instagram account @realpiggysmallz. She adopted the little fellow in 2018 when she and Pete Davidson were a thing. Pete even got a tattoo of Piggy Smallz, and for a while, the three of them were a happy family.

Ariana Grande posing in '70s style clothing / Ariana's piglet standing on the black leather couch
Source: Instagram, @arianagrande / Instagram, @realpiggysmallz

Following their breakup, Ariana took custody of the little piglet. But it wasn’t easy for Piggysmallz to say goodbye to his dad. Pigs are incredibly sensitive animals, and officials from the American Mini Pig Association even claim that breakups “can be devastating for a pig.” According to Adriana, Piggy can sense when she’s upset and knows perfectly well how to read the room.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Sulcata Tortoise

In 2010, DiCaprio attended the North American Reptile Breeders Conference and was drawn to one creature in particular – the Sulcata tortoise. This hard-shelled beauty can live for around 80 years and grow up to 200 pounds! Leo knew he had to have one of his own.

Leonardo DiCaprio on the red carpet in 2020 / Sulcata Tortoise in the dirt
Photo by David Fisher, Shutterstock / David Muscroft, Shutterstock

He called up a pet shop in California called Prehistoric Pets and asked for their heaviest one. He paid $400 for the majestic beauty and became the proud owner of a 38-pound Sulcata. Sources say the tortoise was 10 years old when he bought her, and if that’s the case, this tortoise is likely to outlive her owner.

Mike Tyson Is the Real Tiger King

Mike Tyson starred with his beloved Bengali tiger in the movie The Hangover. Yup, the ferocious animal was actually his. He bought her first thing after he got out of prison. In fact, the idea came to him as he sat with one of his cellmates to discuss exotic cars.

Mike Tyson on the red carpet in 2014 / Mike Tyson playing with his tiger
Photo by Stewart Cook, Shutterstock / Reno Mauro Nicastro, Shutterstock

Somehow they got from exotic cars to exotic cats, and next thing you know, Tyson had a beautiful white tiger roaming around his house. But he had to part ways with his beloved ‘Kenya’…after she ripped off somebody’s arm. According to Tyson, his neighbor jumped over his fence and started playing with the tiger. But Kenya wasn’t having it, and things got ugly.

Kirstie Alley Likes to Move It Move It

Kirstie’s fascination with lemurs kicked in when she began learning about their conservation in Madagascar. She now owns 14 (!) and admits that things can get pretty crazy around the house. Each one has his or her own personality and mood swings.

Max Chmerkovskiy and Kirstie Alley playing with lemurs
Source: Instagram

Pampering these tropical animals isn’t easy or cheap. She spends over $40-50K a year and while she loves her fuzzy creatures, she wouldn’t recommend them to everyone: “Lemurs live for 30 years or more and they eat all organic, and you have to keep them meticulous. I actually have a full-time animal caretaker. It’s just on my payroll!”

Ice Ice Bucky

Bucky Buckaroo is Vanilla Ice’s adorable wallaroo (a cross between a kangaroo and a wallaby). The rapper bought the wallaroo from a Florida breeder and had it for 14 years. When Bucky was a tiny baby, it used to hop around in a diaper. Adorable!

Vanilla Ice feeding a banana to a wallaroo / Vanilla Ice holding a wallaroo
Source: Pinterest / Twitter

But things got a bit scary for Vanilla Ice when Bucky disappeared. The curious wallaroo nudged open the front door and hopped around the city for a whole week. Luckily, police called Rob Van Winkle to inform him that they had his wallaroo, and the two were reunited.

Tori Spelling and Coco, the Chicken

Tori has her hands full with dogs, goats, and her one and only Coco Chanel. The chicken holds a special place in Tori’s heart, and she’s definitely not your ordinary bird. She’s actually more like a poodle than a chicken. Tori dresses her up in cute little outfits and carries her along on errands.

Tori Spelling with her pet chicken resting on her head while she is browsing on her phone / Tori Spelling holding her pet chicken
Source: Twitter / Instagram

Tori admits she calls her a pocket chicken “because she loves to be held and go places with me. They know her by name at our local Michael’s craft store!” Coco is hands down, the luckiest chicken in the world. She even cuddles with Tori in her luxurious bed!

George Clooney and Max the Star

The Sexiest Man Alive loved his pig Max like nothing else. The 300-pound potbellied pig was his best friend and slept in his pen right beside the actor’s bed for years. Their father-son relationship was so intense that it even got in the way of Clooney’s romantic affairs.

George Clooney and his pet pig Max hanging out in the back yard
Source: Twitter

Apparently, model Celine Balitran was so fed up that she issued an “it’s me or the pig” ultimatum. It was a no brainer for George. The answer was always, Max. But in 2006, George had to say goodbye to his dear friend, who after 18 years together, made his way to hog heaven.

Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee, Bubbles

The singer and Bubbles shared a house in the late 1980s. He bought the chimpanzee from a Texas research facility, and he became his frequent traveling companion. Bubbles toured the world with the King of Pop and even drank tea in Japan with the mayor of Osaka.

Michael Jackson holding his pet Chimpanzee Bubbles
Source: Flickr

But things weren’t always great for the two buddies. Primatologists accused Jackson of assaulting his pet chimpanzee, and expert Jane Goodall believed that the singer even punched and kicked the poor ape. Those are some seriously harsh claims…

Tippi Hedren and Her Pet Lion

Actress Tipi Hedren’s obsession with lions began after a trip to Africa in the late ‘60s. She became a passionate conservationist, an animal rights activist, and the proud mom of a 400 lb. lion. Insanely, she treated her new pet like any old house cat.

Tippi Hedren riding her lion / Tippi Hedren and her lion at the dining room table eating
Photo by Willi Schneider, Shutterstock / Globe, Shutterstock

The lion slept with her in bed, played with her kids in the backyard, and was treated like a normal member of the family. Looking back, Hedren admitted that it was “stupid beyond belief” to let him roam around the house like that.

Elvis Presley and His Pet Kangaroo

The King of Rock and Roll had a zoo in his backyard. Chickens, donkeys, birds, horses, dogs – you name it, he had it. A lot of the animals were actually given to Elvis by fans, but some of them were bought out of his own insatiable need for exotic friends.

Elvis Presley sitting with his pet kangaroo on a leash
Photo by Snap / Shutterstock

One of his closest pets was an adorable kangaroo given to him by his agent, Lee Gordon. He ended up donating the kangaroo to the Memphis Zoo, but the King of Rock cherished every moment he spent with his fuzzy, hopping friend.

Audrey Hepburn and Pippin the Fawn

The beautiful Audrey Hepburn first met Pippin on the set of Green Mansion. The film’s animal trainer told the actress to take her furry costar home so they could bond and get to know each other. Well, they bonded so much that Pippin, also known as “Ip,” believed Audrey was her mom.

Anthony Perkins and Audrey Hepburn petting their pet Pippin
Photo by Snap / Shutterstock

Ip followed the British actress wherever she went and even tagged along with her to supermarkets in Beverly Hills. Photographer Bob Willoughby captured some adorable moments and said, “It was truly amazing to see Audrey with that fawn.”

Grace Coolidge and Her Presidential Raccoon

Rebecca, the raccoon, wasn’t supposed to be the First Lady’s pet. She was supposed to be her dinner. Rebecca was initially brought to the White House to be slaughtered and served for that year’s Thanksgiving meal, but Grace fell in love with the little creature and decided to spare her life.

Grace Coolidge holding her pet raccoon / Grace Coolidge smiling with her raccoon surrounded by children
Photos by Everett / Shutterstock

Rebecca became a presidential pet and spent her evenings cooped up with Grace by the fireplace. President Coolidge also grew attached to the new family member and declared that as much as he loved to try out new food – having Rebecca convinced him that raccoon meat was not for him.

Justin Bieber and His Monkey, Mally

Justin Beiber stirred a lot of controversy with his capuchin friend, Mally. She was given to the singer as a gift for his 19th birthday (totally normal), and at first, things were fine, but not for long. Touring the world with an unconventional animal is probably not the best idea, and Justin learned that the hard way.

Justin Biever with his pet monkey at his comedy central roast
Photo by Mediapunch / Shutterstock

He flew with Mally to Germany, but when he wanted to leave the country, things proved to be difficult. The singer struggled to arrange the necessary documents for the German authorities, and they had no choice but to take Mally away from him. To this day, she resides in one of the country’s zoos. Please, Bieber…stay away from the monkeys.

Slash and His Vicious Pythons

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash is a huge reptile enthusiast. He’s owned several snakes throughout the years and has always been super fascinated with them. But in 2004, Slash swapped his slithering friends for his newborn baby.

Two photographs of Slash with his pet python
Source: Twitter / Pinterest

As much as he loved his snakes, he knew they were too dangerous. He was a bit in the face by his python and almost lost his cat to his anaconda. So, when his baby came around, he knew he had to part ways with his collection and donate them to a zoo.

Paris Hilton’s Kinkajou

Also known as Baby Luv, Paris Hilton’s kinkajou joined the royal family in 2005. The tropical rainforest mammal got along well with Hilton. Until he (she?) didn’t. Baby Luv showed no love for the heiress when he bit her furiously one day.

Paris Hilton with her pet kinkajou on her shoulder
Source: Twitterd

It wasn’t anything too serious and all Hilton had to do was get a tetanus shot. But the biting became a reoccurring theme in their relationship, and Paris decided to give Baby Luv away. We’ll never forget you, little one.

Reese Witherspoon’s Badonkadonks

Reese is mom to her kids Ava, Deacon, Tennessee… oh and also Tonky and Honky. The family owns two adorable miniature donkeys, and the whole family takes part in caring for them. The kids clean out the stalls, feed them, and show their animal brothers a whole lot of love.

Reese Witherspoon on the red carpet in 2019 / A mother and her young miniature donkey in a grassy field
Photo by Gregory Pace, Shutterstock / Richard Austin, Shutterstock

Reese calls them “badonkadonks” and believes that having them around the house teaches her kids compassion and kindness. They aren’t the only animals the kids need to look after. Reese also owns pigs, goats, a horse, chickens, and dogs.

Nicolas Cage’s Hypnotizing Cobras

The actor owned two cobras, Moby and Sheba, whom he believed tried to play tricks on him. “I did have two king cobras, and they were not happy. They would try to hypnotize me by showing me their backs, and then they’d lunge at me.” Spooky stuff.

Nicolas Cage on the red carpet in 2013 / An albino cobra
Photo by David Fisher, Shutterstock / imageBROKER, Shutterstock

Although his pets tried to kill him, Nicolas made the best out of the eerie situation. He said they influenced his acting in the best way possible. When he played in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, he got into character by mimicking his snake’s creepy tilts side to side.

Kristen Stewart’s Real-Life Wolf Pack

What do Kristen Stewart and Bella Swan have in common? Their love of wolves. Kristen is the proud mom of Jack the wolfdog, whom she claims is super sweet (even though he looks a bit scary). If you think she got the idea from Twilight, think again. Kristen grew up with a house full of these hybrids.

Kristen Stewart posing with her wolf
Source: Twitter

Her mom owned several wolfdogs when Kristen was a kid, so she’s totally used to having them around. These animals are loving, loyal, and legal to keep in the state of California. We think it’s super neat for the actress to have her own offscreen wolf pack.

Josephine Baker and Her Cheetah

Josephine Baker was a proud activist and a phenomenal actress. She was bold and swift, much like her pet Chiquita the cheetah. Josephine and her furry companion were inseparable. They traveled the world, performed together on stage, and even slept in the same bed!

Josephine Baker and her cheetah Chiquita
Photo by Everett / Shutterstock

People would stare in disbelief as Josephine walked around the city with Chiquita on a leash. Well, taking your cat out on a walk is pretty weird in general, but we doubt that’s what caught people’s attention. It was more like the SIZE of the cat that struck the public as odd.

Hugh Hefner’s Llama Lambert

Hugh Hefner was known for his huge mansion packed with beautiful exotic women. But they weren’t the only exotic creatures roaming around his palace. The Playboy legend obtained an actual zoo license so he could own whatever animals his heart (or his women) desired.

Hugh Hefner on the red carpet in 2008 / Hugh Hefner with his llama
Photo by Broadimage, Shutterstock / Source: Twitter

Monkeys, flamingos, peacocks, ducks, macaws, and his one and only beloved llama, Lambert. He loved spending time with his four-legged friend and would walk around the grounds with him daily. Sadly, Lambert mysteriously died one night after a wild party at the mansion. Nobody spoke up about how it happened.

Frida Kahlo and Her Deer

Frida Kahlo’s famous painting, The Wounded Deer, expresses how deep of a connection she felt to the animal. The painting is a hybrid of Frida and the animal and was inspired by her own fawn, Granizo.

Frida Kahlo with her deer
Source: Twitter

Apart from her baby deer, the Mexican artist-owned numerous cats, eagles, and monkeys. They added meaning to her life and inspired many of her paintings like her 1942 work of art, Autorretrato Con Chango y Loro where she is seen holding her monkey and parrot.

Nicole Kidman and Her Spitting Alpacas

Nicole and her husband, Keith Urban, own a farm in Tennessee where they raise a bunch of different animals, including six adorable alpacas! The whole family is in love with the fluffy animals, and Nicole mentioned she gets easily lost in their big eyes and “long lashes.”

Nicole Kidman taking her alpaca for a walk
Source: Instagram

Nicole stated that even though alpacas make a lot of noise, can get pretty fierce, and spit a lot – they’re still cool. Looks like all the animals on the farm are getting along perfectly in the Kidman and Urban farm. Even if there’s some spit thrown around here and there.

Charlie Sheen’s Water Dragon Ironically Drowned

Charlie Sheen is probably one of the worst pet owners in the world. Imagine having a mythical, graceful dragon as your pet, only to have him drown in your pool. Yup, that’s exactly what happened to poor Hopper Jr. Despite its name, the Chinese Water Dragon can’t breathe underwater and is totally capable of drowning.

Charlie Sheen holding his water dragon
Source: Pinterest

For the most part, they’re good swimmers, but accidents can happen. And Charlie Sheen learned it the hard way when he forgot to look over his dragon who found its way into the pool and, sadly, his reptile soul never came back.

Dan Bilzerian Has Two Goats

Dan Bilzerian’s life is super hectic and totally unconventional. The guy had two heart attacks before he turned 30! His life is full of fast cars, women, a whole lot of money, and, weirdly enough, two goats. One of them was given to the professional poker player as a gift, and after falling in love with the four-legged creature, he added another one to the Bilzerian crew.

Dan Bilzerian holding a baby goat / Dan Bilzerian walking his goat
Source: Twitter / Instagram

The Playboy King refers to his pets as “pretty awesome” and takes them with him on his private jet to all his crazy travels around the world. I wonder what Dan’s girlfriends think of his four-legged companions. We have a feeling they might be a bit jealous.

Salvador Dali and His Magnificent Ocelot

Salvador Dali was an unusual artist, with really unusual pets. His favorite was his pet ocelot he named Babou. He took his wild cat with him wherever he went and ignored all the people who called him crazy for owning this untamed animal.

Salvador Dali with his wild cat cuddled up next to his face / Salvador Dali playing with his pet on his desk
Photo by Everett, Shutterstock / Granger, Shutterstock

Babou had a beautiful stone studded collar around his neck and was often photographed purring on the unique artist’s lap. When the women Dali dated expressed concern about the wild animal, he calmed them down by referring to Babou as a normal house cat. Doesn’t sound too convincing…

Megan Fox and the Original Piggy Smalls

Megan Fox is a self-proclaimed animal fanatic. She’s always spoken about animal rights and has said time and again that she’s very specific with her kids about not harming animals. She has owned a squirrel, a parrot, a Bengal cat and a cute pig she named Piggy Smalls (now we know what inspired Ariana).

Megan Fox posing in front of a blue backdrop / Megan Fox posing with her pig
Photo by Theo Kingma, Shutterstock / Source: Twitter

Megan was head over heels for her pot-bellied pig and took numerous photos by his (her?) side. But Piggy Smalls grew to be too aggressive for the actress, and she gave him away in 2012. Megan felt sad about the whole thing, but she knew it was the safest thing to do.

Nicolas Cage Caged His Octopus

We’ve seen some crazy animals on the list, but this one probably trumps them all. Nicolas Cage paid a whopping $150,000 for an octopus! The sea creature swam around in a giant tank that he kept in his living room. I’m not sure how big the tank was, but I feel like octopuses need more than a limited space to live a healthy life.

Nicolas Cage at the late show with David Letterman in 2007 / A red octopus in an aquarium
Photo by Erik Pendzich, Shutterstock / Moritz Wolf, imageBROKER, Shutterstock

In any case, the actor was super hyped about his new pet and claimed that having the cephalopod around helped him prepare for one of his roles (I have no idea which one). Cage spent a lot of money on exotic animals and other extravagant things like mansions, yachts, cars etc…. Which is probably why he filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

Mike Tyson’s Birds Helped Him Find Peace in His Life

Things can’t get much weirder for Tyson after his white tiger, right? Well, owning your own flock of pigeons is pretty bizarre too, so I think this deserves a spot on the list. Tyson decided to fill his house with pigeons after the sad passing of his daughter in 2009.

Mike Tyson with a pigeon
Photo by Mat Szwajkos / Discovery Channel / Kobal / Shutterstock

He was completely devastated and didn’t really know what to do with all that anger and grief. So, he went back to his roots and remembered the good times he spent as a child. Apparently the ex-boxer spent a lot of time as a kid looking after pigeons and feeding them.

Colin Kaepernick’s Tortoise is a Football Mascot

Sammy the tortoise is almost as famous as his dad! He’s become a famous football mascot over the years, and Colin could not be prouder. He received the baby tortoise when he was only 10 years old, so the two have grown up together and are tighter than ever.

Colin Kaepernick on the red carpet in 2014 / Colin’s large turtle with his football helmet on it
Photo by Mediapunch, Shutterstock / Source: Instagram

Colin tweeted that there are two things his 115-pound tortoise loves: his “dad” and cocktails. I would love to know what cocktails this tortoise enjoys. A blend of leafy greens with a sprinkle of sea salt and gin?

Cheryl Hines and Her Huge Emu

The Hines have welcomed a ton of animals into their household: two dogs, five tortoises and even an emu! Cheryl is no stranger to growing up in such a lively environment. As a kid in Florida, her parents had as many as 17 outdoor cats.

Cheryl Hines on the red carpet in 2017 / Cheryl’s emu in the living room
Photo by Matt Baron, Shutterstock / Source: CBS

But cats (regardless of how many you have) are seen as regular house companions. Emus on the other hand? Kind of weird. The animal is huge and usually lives out in the wild. Cheryl described “having an emu is like having a tiny, annoying dinosaur.”

Chris Brown and His Illegal Capuchin

Bieber isn’t the only rapper with a monkey. Chris Brown joined the capuchin party when he decided to get one for Christmas in 2017. He got the baby ape as a gift for his daughter and as sweet as it sounds, the purchase was totally impulsive.

Chris Brown with a baby monkey on his back / Chris Brown’s daughter holding the baby monkey in a fuzzy blanket
Source: Instagram

Apparently, Chris didn’t have the permits he needed to actually own a primate, so the monkey, also known as Fiji, was taken away from him. His daughter probably cried and was terribly upset but there wasn’t much he could do.

Nicole Richie’s Stylish Chickens

Nicole Richie is known for being rich and fashionable, but here’s a little-known fact about the star: she loves chickens, and not on her plate. Her husband built her a coop in their backyard so she’s now a proud owner of some feathery fellows.

Nicole Richie posing in her chicken coop wearing a long flowing red dress
Source: Architectural Digest

Her chickens are named – Tallulah, Philomena, Mama Cass, Sunny and Daisy. They have their “cute little sections” designed for them to lay eggs in, but they tend to overlook them because they end up doing it all over the place anyway. But no hard feelings, the star loves them despite their mess.

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth’s Pig

Both actors have always been open about their love for animals, and they felt that a pig was just what their house needed. So in 2016, Elsa and Chris welcomed their newest member – Tina. The cuddly piglet does everything with the couple, even yoga!

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth posing on the red carpet in 2018 / Elsa posing with the piglet
Photo by Gregory Pace, Shutterstock / Source: Instagram

The Spanish actress shared a photo posing with Tina by her side. Nothing like a good stretch with a cute piglet! Tina isn’t the only animal joining the actors on their daily routine. The household is also packed with chickens, dogs, and guinea pigs.

Miley Cyrus and Her Pig

Another star piglet! Meet Bubba Sue, Miley’s cuddly pink buddy. The singer took a lot of photos with her beloved Bubba. Smiling, kissing, cuddling, the two were inseparable. Sadly, Bubba is no longer with us. She passed away in 2019.

Two photographs of Miley posing with her pet piglet
Source: Instagram

Miley announced on her Instagram: “Very sad to say… my dear friend Pig Pig has passed away…. I will miss u always.” We have a feeling that Bubba lived an incredible life. She’s even been on the cover of Paper magazine!

Tyga and His Tiger

Tyga, tiger – you get the gist. It was only a matter of time before this rapper would buy himself an animal to suit his stage name. But Tyga actually kept his big cat a secret from everyone (although how he hid a tiger in his backyard is beyond me…).

Tyga posing with his tiger in the grass / Tyga posing with a tiger near a stream
Source: Instagram / Twitter

But when the California Department of Fish and Wildlife came by his place, the cat was out of the bag. The tiger was taken out of the rapper’s arms and into an animal shelter. Next time you want to purchase a cub Tyga, at least make sure it’s legal. Or better yet, don’t get one at all.

Hayden Panettiere and Her Collection of Corn Snakes

Not all snakes are deadly and frightening. Hayden’s corn snakes aren’t venomous at all, and they make great pets! The actress has mentioned several times how much she loves these cold-blooded creatures. She’s tweeted and posted pictures of them crawling around the palm of her hand.

Hayden Panettiere with a corn snake wrapped around her hand and on her face / Hayden holding a handful of snakes
Source: Instagram / Twitter

Hayden loves freaking people out with her fasnication of snakes. In 2012, on Live! With Kelly and Michael, the actress pranked Michael Strahan by throwing a fake snake at him. Both Kelly and Michael screamed and “almost had a heart attack.”

Jennifer Garner’s Iconic Chicken

Regina George was more than your average mean girl. In fact, she was a chicken. Sadly, Jennifer’s chicken died of natural causes in 2018, but the two shared some amazing moments together. Garner would walk around the block with Regina and has plenty of photos of her on a leash.

Jennifer Garner walking her chicken on a leash / Jennifer Garner holding two chickens and a bag with another chicken inside of it
Source: Twitter / Instagram

Jennifer is mom to six more chickens and knows that no matter how much she misses Regina, she can’t dwell in the past. She describes herself as a “proud chicken lady” and loves decorating her birds’ coop with festive lights according to the seasons and holidays.

Beyonce Grew Up with a Snake

Kids usually grow up with cats, dogs, guinea pigs, at best a parrot. But not Beyonce. Queen B grew up with a snake named Fendi. Well, technically it was her cousin’s snake but since the two shared a room it became her’s as well.

Beyonce holding a boa constrictor
Source: Twitter

Beyonce would sleep, chill, and watch TV with her pet python. Just another normal evening in the Knowles household, not a big deal at all. But after a while, Beyonce’s dad became concerned with the slithery pet and he decided to take Fendi away from the girls.

David Beckham and His Micro Pigs

Yay! Some more pigs. This time, the proud owner is none other than the world-famous soccer player David Beckham. Posh wife Victoria decided to gift her husband not one, but two micro pigs for Christmas in 2009.

David Beckham posing on the red carpet in 2018 / Micropigs cuddling up together
Source: Shutterstock / Photo by Bruce Adams, Daily Mail, Shutterstock

So, the piglets were either named Pinky and Perky, or David Furnish and Elton John, but I’m not exactly sure. Regardless, they’re adorable. While most of us buy each other socks or ugly sweaters, celebrities are out there gifting each other pigs. What a world…

Ice T and His Baby Sharks

There’s nothing like recording in your studio with some baby sharks swimming around (in their tank obviously). Rapper Ice T decided to switch it up a bit and instead of getting the usual tiger, he went for some sharp finned sea creatures.

Ice T posing on the red carpet in 2019 / The in-house aquarium in Ice T and Coco’s home lit up in the dark room
Photo by Patrick Lewis, Starpix for The Paley Center for Media, Shutterstock / Twitter

The whole family shares a love of sharks. His wife and daughter even dared to swim with them on their vacation to the Bahamas in 2018. His little baby was just 2 years-old at the time! But Coco Austin held her daughter tightly and the two had a blast.

Viggo Mortensen and the Horse in ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hidalgo’

After so many exotic animals, horses might not seem appropriate to add to the list. But Viggo Mortensen and his horse in Lord of the Rings created such a special bond on set that it had to be noted.

Viggo Mortensen riding the horse from the film Hidalgo at the premiere / Viggo with his miniature horse eating from his cereal bowl at the kitchen table
Photo by Jim Smeal. BEI, Shutterstock / Twitter

Once the movie finished filming, the actor bought two of the horses used in the film. Why two? To keep each other company. He also bought T.J., the horse that starred in the movie ‘Hidalgo,’ on which he rode to the movie’s premiere!

The Queen’s Corgis Got Royal Treatment

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her love of corgis and for most of her life she was associated with her fleet of Pembroke Welsh friends. Her first corgi was Susan, who even accompanied her on her honeymoon. After Susan, a whole pack of corgis became a part of a royal breeding program overseen by the queen herself.

Queen Elizabeth II cozying up with her Corgi on the couch / Queen Elizabeth II as a young girl photographed playing with the family’s corgis 1936
Photo by Joan Williams, Shutterstock / Historia, Shutterstock

Her dogs probably lived better lives than the average human. They got the full royal treatment including their own room in Buckingham Palace and their own wicker basket with freshly cleaned sheets. The corgis were fed a healthy diet of chef-prepared meats like steak and chicken. The menu changed daily, and the Queen poured them gravy over everything.

Smoke and Channing Tatum

In August 2015, Channing Tatum proudly posted on Instagram: “Meet “Smoke” my rescue horse. He loves beer! We’re meant to be (to be clear he just loves the smell).” This isn’t his first rescue animal. He saved a Pitbull named Lulu in 2008.

Channing Tatum on the red carpet in 2015 / Channing Tatum feeding his horse a beer and petting him behind a fence
Photo by Jim Smeal, BEI, Shutterstock / Twitter

A year after Smoke’s arrival, the ‘Magic Mike’ actor’s ex-wife, Jenna Dewan, gifted him another rescue horse named Cajun. Even though the couple isn’t together anymore, the horses are still in good hands and probably living their best lives.

James Gunn and the Raccoon in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Well, this animal isn’t technically James Gunn’s pet, but the two attended a premiere together and basically became best friends. As it turns out, the cute raccoon character Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy was modeled after an actual real-life raccoon.

James Gunn with the racoon at the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy / James Gunn getting kisses from the racoon on the red carpet
Photo by Jonathan Hordle, Shutterstock / David Fisher, Shutterstock

The director of the film, James Gunn, fell head over heels for the mischievous little creature whose real name was Oreo. Gunn brought him onto the set constantly because the cast loved seeing him. Sadly, little Oreo died in 2019. A fan stated, “You have been an amazing ambassador for raccoons everywhere.”

Mariah Carey’s Dogs Go on Luxury Holidays

Mariah’s pets aren’t weird. It’s the treatment they get that’s totally outrageous. The singer has been known to fork out a ton of dough on her dogs. How much? At least $45,000 each year on spa treatments. She even flies them first class at a cost of $2,000 per dog.

Mariah Carey with her puppy / Mariah Carey in her closet holding up a treat with her dog mid-air jumping for the treat
Source: Shutterstock / Twitter

So where do these lucky dogs fly to? According to InTouch magazine, luxury vacations in Bristol, England. Mariah spent over $25,000 to send her dogs on that trip to England, which came complete with a $175,000 private jet to fly them over there.

Chris Evans and the Dog in ‘Gifted’

Your favorite ‘Captain America’ actor had his own favorite costar when filming the movie ‘Gifted’ in 2017. Throughout filming, he became really close with the dog Dodger. Chris ended up adopting him after they wrapped up, and the two have been best buds ever since.

Chris Evans and his dog Dodger / Dodger lying down next to a stuffed lion
Source: Instagram / @chrisevans

‘Gifted’ is a movie about a single father, Frank, who has to raise his child prodigy niece, Mary, who gets drawn into a custody battle with his mother. And by looking at this cute dog, I’m not surprised that he wanted to take him home.

Paris Hilton’s Dogs Are More Famous Than She Is

Again, the dogs aren’t weird, but the owner is. Paris Hilton treats her little babies like real princesses. Tinkerbell, the Chihuahua, who sat loyally under Hilton’s armpit for 14 years, was more than just an accessory. Since she passed away in 2015, Hilton has found love again with a bunch of lap-size dogs. She even created a personalized estate for them.

Paris Hilton with her two dogs Princess Paris Jr and Prince Paris on the red carpet in 2015
Photo by Broadimage / Shutterstock

The dogs’ two-story mansion, which features air-conditioning, heating, and designer furniture, was built to match her own home, which Paris describes as, “Elegant, girly, comfortable, pink, and beautiful.” The dogs also get balcony access and garden views. I wonder if it’s on Airbnb Plus.

Robert Redford and the Horse in ‘The Electric Horseman’

Robert Redford is a real-life horse whisperer. I mean, pretty much all his films have horses in them so it’s no secret that he feels a deep connection to those gracious animals. Did you know that he even owned a ranch?

Robert Redford and his family posing on a horse with a mountain landscape in the background
Photo by Globe Photos / Shutterstock

In fact, Redford owned a whole ranch before even being cast in ‘The Electric Horseman.’ Before the making of the movie was over, he made sure that one of the horses in the film, named Let’s Merge, would join his stables.

Brendan Fraser and the Horse in Texas Rising

There’s something about horses that makes it hard to part ways with them. Especially for Brendan Fraser, who developed a soft spot for one horse in particular on the set of Texas Rising. The actor noticed that some of the other horses that were used for the film were picking on this poor animal named Pecas.

Brendan Fraser on the red carpet in 2014 / Brendan Fraser riding his hourse
Photo by Kristina Bumphrey, Starpix, Shutterstock / Source: Instagram

It must have pushed a sensitive button for Brendan, because the actor took the horse home. That proved to be a great decision, because Pecas formed a special bond with Brendan’s autistic son. The bond between humans and horses is something remarkable, isn’t it?

Tiffany Haddish and the Kitten in ‘Keanu’

Key and Peele are probably some of the funniest guys in the business. Their sketch comedy show became so popular that they eventually wrote a movie and starred in it together. The film had a bunch of little kittens on set, and the whole cast went nuts for them.

Tiffany Haddish holding a glass of champagne and the kitten that she adopted at the side of the pool
Source: Instagram / @tiffanyhaddish

Tiffany Haddish, one of the stars of Key and Peele’s ‘Keanu,’ ended up adopting one of the seven kittens that were used to play Keanu. The kitten’s name was Clementine, but it was later changed to Catatonic. The rest of the cats were adopted by professional animal trainers.