This is Why a 220-Year-Old Mystery Remained Unsolved Until Now

Treasures, eerie locations, secrets to be unraveled – it’s human nature to be drawn to the mysterious and the unseen. The world has a myriad of myths and legends, passed down over generations, which the human mind has attempted to comprehend for ages.

One of these highly-guarded secrets of all time lies in Nova Scotia, Canada: the great mystery of Oak Island and its mythical treasure. Ever since the 19th century, many explorers have attempted to locate and unearth the famously cryptic artifacts. But do they dare dig deeper into a mystery which is said to be guarded by the original owners of the artifacts themselves?

Despite the death toll associated with Oak Island’s most sought-after bounty, many brave explorers have risked their lives to get their hands on what is said to be buried deep under the soil of the island.


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The Lagina brothers are two such explorers who have paid no heed to the horrifying rumors – in fact, if anything, the 220-year-old mystery surrounding Oak Island has piqued their interests even further.

But will they succeed, or are they simply tempting fate like the countless before them?

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