Celebrity Demands According to Their Riders

Many people can be rude and demanding. We all have that friend that can be a little entitled and is very particular about what they want. Well, it’s not so different when it comes to celebrities. Many celebrities are very high maintenance and very demanding. That’s why they usually have riders written, stating exactly what they need to ensure their comfort. Sometimes their requests are reasonable and include necessities like food and towels. Other times, celebrities can be really excessive and just plain rude.


Photo by Michael Hurcomb, Shutterstock / Gregory Pace, Shutterstock / EMG, Shutterstock / Source: Shutterstock

Sometimes the demands are ridiculous, like when someone asks for a bowl of M&Ms… but only the green ones. Other times, even speaking to a celebrity is unacceptable. When fame gets to someone’s head, they can have unrealistic expectations. However, most of the time, they are just extremely specific about their scented candles. When comedians go on tour, they love to add some outrageous rider requests as a joke, and they are often taken seriously. Check out these celebrity riders and see which shocks you the most.

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