From the Front Lines to Signing Autographs: Famous Veterans

When it comes to celebrities, we hear all the drama and gossip surrounding them, but we might not hear about which of these famous faces served their country. Some actors, particularly the ones that were around in the Golden Age of Hollywood, served in World War I or World War II. However, that doesn’t mean stars today haven’t spent time on the front lines.


Photo by Eugene Adebari, Shutterstock / Moviestore, Shutterstock / Mgm, Kobal, Shutterstock

Some countries, like Israel, require all citizens to join the army. In other countries, people choose to go in voluntarily. It’s no secret that joining the army or military requires bravery, commitment, hard work, and determination. These skills stick with veterans for life, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that many soldiers made it in the cutthroat entertainment industry. From Jimi Hendrix to Gal Gadot, check out these stars you probably didn’t know are veterans.

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