All the Disney Channel Stars: Then and Now

Being a Disney star seems like a dream for most kids. They get to be part of the franchise that created Mickey Mouse, and it can give them a jumpstart to a lifelong career in the entertainment industry. However, Disney does have rules. Considering their audience is young children, Disney Stars have to be on their best behavior at all times to be a good role model. And many Disney stars try to get rid of this carefully crafted Disney image as soon as they leave the network.


Photo by Disney, Kobal, Shutterstock / Source: Shutterstock / Photo by Chelsea Lauren, Shutterstock / Magnus Sundholm, Shutterstock

Exhibit A: Miley Cyrus. She did a complete 180 and shocked America when she went into a pot-smoking twerking direction. Still, many big celebrities were on Disney once upon a time, and you probably had no idea! Plus, we included some actors you may have forgotten about and seem to have disappeared as soon as their shows ended.

Check out what these Disney Channel stars are up to today. Get ready to feel old!

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