Grey’s Anatomy: Where They Started and Where Are They Now

We are about to go into where twenty of our favorite characters that started out on Grey’s Anatomy and where they are today. This highly popular medical TV series has been around forever, a whole sixteen years! Just like most of you reading this along with the tens of millions of viewers, I have watched and even re-watched the entire series. We’ve been following the lives of these specialty doctors and surgeons at what was once Seattle Grace Hospital coming on two decades soon.


Photo by Abc-Tv, Kobal, / Abc-Tv, Kobal, / Eric Mccandless, Abc-Tv, Kobal, / Mitch Haaseth, ABC

We lost some of our favorite stars and gained some new ones that we learned to love. There are even plot lines which we’ve forgotten about and can now reminisce over. That’s what I’m here for. Let’s get into where these stars started and how their characters’ lives played out and even where these celebs are now.

Keep reading to find see some familiar and forgotten faces!

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