Actors Who Got Injured On-Set and Rolled With It

It’s not that uncommon for actors to get injured onset of a major Hollywood film. Usually, though, it’s the stuntmen or women that get the beating. But then there are those actors and actresses who get harmed while filming a scene. And THEN some get injured while the camera is rolling and they just bite the bullet and roll with the punches. Sometimes, these injuries make the final cut.


Leonardo DiCaprio / Nicole Kidman / Channing Tatum, Photo By People Picture/Foudre/Shutterstock  / Photo by Rob Latour, Variety, Shutterstock / People Picture, Foudre, Shutterstock

Some onset injuries are minor, like bruising a rib. Some are worse, like breaking a foot and continuing to run. And some are major, like getting paralyzed. In more than one case, the blood we saw on the screen was real. This list isn’t just a compilation of onset injuries – it’s a testament to the ability of some actors to remain in character, even while suffering. Now that you’re going to see which actors and which movies, the next time you see the movie (or just that scene), you’ll have some insider knowledge.

Enjoy the show!

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