Kanye West Vs. the World: All of Kanye’s Feuds

In case you missed the latest update, Kanye West has been kicked off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After causing quite the stir at Paris Fashion Week, Kanye went on a social media rampage against anyone who spoke out against him. From Gigi Hadid to Mark Zuckerberg, Kanye didn’t hold back.

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While many are shocked by his recent comments, this behavior is nothing new. Since Kanye’s earliest days in the spotlight, he has gotten into arguments with anyone who gets in his way. Remember when he stole to spotlight from Taylor Swift? Keep reading to see who has gone up against Kanye.

It’s Nothing New

Throughout his career, Kanye West has been an outspoken and controversial figure. Many people have questioned his ideas and actions, but those who have gone against Kanye often become his next target to fight with. He has had ongoing feuds with even people he once considered friends, like Jay-Z.

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Most people know about his history of feuding with his contemporaries, but sometimes, it goes a little too far. One of his earliest feuds was with rapper 50 Cent in 2007 over record sales. In 2007, 50 Cent planned to release his album Curtis on September 11, while Kanye’s Graduation was set for release a week later.

Kanye Vs. 50 Cent

Instead of letting 50 Cent release his album before, Kanye moved his release date to the same day. Graduation sold 957,000 copies, while Curtis sold 691,000 copies. Their sales war pushed the boundaries in the history of music, and Kanye de-throned 50 Cent as the rap king of that year.

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While their initial feud over sales wasn’t so much of a back-and-forth as Kanye’s other feuds, the anger between them never fully went away. Over a decade after their sales war, 50 Cent stirred up trouble again by making fun of Kanye’s clothing line. He compared it to clothing people would wear while begging for change.

Kanye Vs. Taylor Swift

One of Kanye’s most famous feuds was with Taylor Swift. If you have been living under a rock, the two started feuding in 2009 when Kanye interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video of the Year. He believed Beyonce should have won, so he made sure everyone knew that.

Kanye interrupts Taylor while on stage at the VMA’s.
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Although Kanye admitted that he knew what he did was wrong, the damage was already done. He apologized to Swift in September 2009 but rescinded the apology in 2013 because he claimed he was peer pressured into saying sorry. Kanye said he didn’t have one regret about interrupting her.

Things Got Better Until…

Around 2015, Kanye and Swift’s relationship was rocky. However, the two were pictured together at the VMAs, and it seemed like things had gotten better. But Kanye always has a trick up his sleeve. In February 2016, Kanye released “Famous,” in which he took a dig at Swift, saying he made her famous.

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Kanye claimed he had permission from Swift to use her name, but it wasn’t the nicest way to use her in a song. Swift’s friends, like Gigi Hadid, came to her defense. This caused a years-long rift between Swift, Kanye, and his then-wife, Kim Kardashian. And releasing the “Famous” music video didn’t help.

Not Really Friends

After all these years, the Swift and Kanye feud has never fully been resolved. Her fans have theories that Swift’s upcoming album is one she was working on and never released when the Kanye feud began. She typically released an album every two years except after the feud.

Kanye and Taylor stand on stage together.
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Although Kanye has had problems with other people throughout the years, his feud with Swift has been one of the most popularized and ongoing. With everything he has done, we doubt Kanye and Swift will ever be able to be friends.

Kanye Vs. Bob Ezrin

Although he is an artist and public figure, Kanye is not the best at taking criticism. In 2016, he got into a public spat with record producer Bob Ezrin after Ezrin wrote a lengthy review of Kanye’s music in Bob Lefsetz’s newsletter.

Bob Ezrin attends an event.
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Ezrin described Kanye’s songwriting as “sophomoric at best” and questioned his abilities as a musician. Furious with these comments, Kanye took to Twitter (as usual) to go on a tirade against Ezrin. He called Ezrin an idiot and added, “your kids are ashamed of you, do something relevant.”

Don’t Talk About My Dad

Ezrin’s words struck a chord with Kanye, so he hit below the belt by getting Ezrin’s family involved. Instead of taking the criticism like a professional, he attacked Ezrin, who produced music for Pink Floyd, in a malicious way. But Ezrin’s daughter stood up to Kanye.

The reply Sarah shot at Kanye over twitter.
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Ezrin’s daughter, Sarah, replied to Kanye’s tweets, “I’m proud to be Bob Ezrin’s child. He taught me not to be afraid to have an opinion for fear of others’ reactions. He wrote an opinion piece; you made it personal.” It was one person’s opinion, but Kanye couldn’t take it.

Kanye Vs. Drake

The feud between Kanye and Drake dates back to the early days of Drake’s career. Drake often rapped over Kanye’s songs on his mixtapes, some of which hadn’t been released yet. While that should have frustrated Kanye, he didn’t let it affect their early friendship.

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Although Drake said Kanye shaped him as a musician, and the two frequently collaborated in the late 2000s, their feud slowly began around 2010. After Drake was spotted at a club with Kanye’s ex Amber Rose, Kanye removed Drake’s verse from “All of the Lights.”

Who Copied Who?

Drake retaliated by making comments about Kanye’s upcoming album with Jay-Z. The rapper was working on an album with Lil’ Wayne around the same time, claiming Kanye and Jay-Z stole their idea for a collab album. Despite his digs, Drake called Kanye a competitor and friend.

Drake and Kanye share a laugh together.
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The rapper kept taking digs at Kanye but claimed they had respect for each other. Drake even dissed Kanye’s album Yeezus in 2014, but Kanye didn’t react. The tension finally came to a head in 2018 when Kanye produced a diss track about Drake by Pusha T.

A War of Words

Kanye knew Pusha T’s song claimed Drake used a ghostwriter, but he still produced the song. Although the real rivalry was between Drake and Pusha T, Kanye got caught in the crossfire. He apologized to Drake on Twitter but rescinded it a few weeks later.

Kanye and Drake attend an event.
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In 2018, rumors came to light that Drake had hooked up with Kim Kardashian in the past. Kanye got even angrier because of speculations that the “Kiki” in Drake’s “In My Feelings” was Kim because that was one of her nicknames. He went on a rant because Drake didn’t shut down the rumors.

It Didn’t End There

Kanye upset Drake further by releasing his album Ye weeks before Drake’s Scorpion. The two had collaborated in the studio, where Kanye allegedly pressured Drake into revealing details about his album. Drake felt betrayed and spoke about it publicly.

The tweets Kanye posted about Drake.
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Kanye then took to Twitter, saying Drake owed him an apology for things he said in the past. He said Drake was hurting him and others in the industry. He wrote 125 tweets alleging Drake threatened him. After many tweets, disses, and interviews, the two finally cleared things up in December 2021.

Kanye Vs. Kris Humphries

Although many years have passed, no one can forget the time Kim married Kris Humphries in 2011 and divorced him 72 days later. Shortly after her separation, she started dating Kanye, who tried to stop her from marrying Humphries in the first place.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian watch Prince perform.
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Kanye might have gotten the girl, but that didn’t stop him from taking digs at Humphries. During a special edition of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, Kanye mocked Humphries by saying the basketball player didn’t think marrying Kim would be cool. That doesn’t sound as bad as Kanye made it seem.

Kanye Vs. Jay-Z

This one surprised many, considering how close Kanye and Jay-Z were for many years. The two topped the charts with their collaboration album Watch the Throne, and they were like brothers. Kanye’s feud with Taylor Swift even began because Kanye defended Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce.

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Although no one asked Kanye to defend Beyonce by creating a spectacle, Kanye was trying to show how much he cared about Jay-Z. Unfortunately, by interrupting Swift “for Beyonce,” Kanye caused a fracture in his relationship with Jay-Z. In turn, Jay-Z didn’t attend Kim and Kanye’s wedding.

No Support

Jay-Z started distancing himself from Kanye when his behavior became more erratic. When Kim was robbed in Paris, Jay-Z didn’t offer his support to Kanye in his “hour of need.” Kanye then when on a 17-minute rant during a concert on his Saint Pablo Tour.

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Kanye praised a controversial political figure and told Jay-Z not to have him assassinated. In response, Jay-Z made many disses about Kanye on his album 4:44. Kanye quickly removed all his music from Jay-Z’s streaming platform, Tidal. It seemed like things were over between them.

He Felt Hurt

In July 2017, a documentary aired about the rise and colossal fallout between Kanye and Jay-Z. Following the documentary, Kanye admitted that Jay-Z and Beyonce hurt him by not attending his wedding. It wasn’t until 2019 that Kanye and Jay-Z reunited at P. Diddy’s 50th Birthday.

Kanye speaks while Jay Z looks uncomfortable on stage.
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Jay-Z and Kanye seemed to end their feud when Jay-Z was featured on a song for Kanye’s 2021 album Donda. Although they are not as close as they once were, they have reportedly squashed their beef. However, Jay-Z has been clear that he does not support Kanye’s political views.

Kanye Vs. Jimmy Kimmel

In 2013, Kanye did an interview with Zane Lowe in which he called himself the “biggest rock star” in the world. The interview became a talking point on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, and the host wondered, “Does Kanye West know he’s not supposed to be his own hype man?”

Kanye is being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel.
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Kimmel also showed a spook of the interview, which did not sit well with Kanye. Two days after the segment aired, Kanye went on a Twitter tirade. He said, “Jimmy Kimmel is out of line to try and spook the first piece of honest media in years.” Kanye doesn’t understand jokes.

A Lot of Confusion

At the end of his rant, Kanye tweeted, “I like you; you know me; I went to your family’s wedding.” Kimmel only responded to that tweet by saying, “I like you too. Glad we cleared that up.” However, the talk show host was left confused and wondered if the whole rant was a prank on him.

Kanye’s tweets about Kimmel.
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Kanye added that Sarah Silverman is funnier than Kimmel, and Kimmel said, “I know!” Unlike Kanye, Kimmel knows how to make light of a situation and explained everything on his show. Kanye makes himself an easy target for late-night talk shows, so he should be used to that by now.

Kanye Vs. Travis Scott

Although Kanye was still married to Kim at the time, he got into a feud with Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy, Travis Scott. Kanye dragged Scott into his feud with Drake in 2018 because Scott posted a picture wearing a Nike sweatshirt.

Travis Scott and Kanye West pose together.
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Scott and Drake worked with Nike, while Kanye had a deal with Nike’s rival, Adidas. To make things worse, Scott collaborated with Drake and used a few lines that dissed Kanye. He took to Twitter (again) to say Scott should never have allowed Drake to diss him.

Kanye Vs. Lorde

This feud came out of left field because we would never have thought that Kanye and Lorde would even think about each other. However, in 2018, Lorde accused Kanye and Kid Cudi of plagiarizing her stage design from her 2017 Coachella performance. She was outraged that they stole her idea.

Kanye West and Lorde attend the Christian Dior show.
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In a very rare moment, Kanye didn’t respond to her claims. However, he postponed the release of his album, Yandhi. It’s more shocking when Kanye doesn’t go on a Twitter rant after someone speaks negatively about him.

Kanye Vs. Kris Jenner

No matter what you have to say about Kris Jenner, she always embraces her children’s spouses as if they are her children. Kris supported Kanye for several years, and they lived under the same roof. But when Kanye and Kim’s relationship started to crumble, he blamed Kris.

Kanye West and Kris Jenner attend the Givenchy show.
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After a particularly hurtful manic episode in 2020 when Kanye stated Kim almost aborted their daughter North, the Kardashians tried to convince Kanye to seek psychiatric treatment. He lashed out on Twitter, mostly taking aim at Kim, but he dragged Kris into it as well.

That’s Not Nice

Kanye accused Kris and her family of trying to force him into rehab and called Kris “Kris Jong-Un.” He also accused the Kardashians of “white supremacy.” Kanye also said Kim and Kris were banned from his Montana home, where he had been staying.

Kanye West and Kris Jenner backstage at FOX's
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Although the things he said were extremely hurtful, Kim made a public appeal for compassion and empathy toward Kanye. Because he has bipolar disorder, she understood he was having a manic episode, but that didn’t make his comments and statements any less harmful.

Kanye Vs. Kim Kardashian

After ten years of marriage, Kim had enough of Kanye’s hurtful antics and filed for divorce in February 2021. The two remained cordial because they shared four children. Even though Kanye was the first to date someone else, he was furious when Kim started dating Pete Davidson.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West attend an event.
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Despite already having two girlfriends since they split, Kanye claimed Kim was still his wife and wanted his kids to have parents who stayed together. Kim dismissed his comments by confirming she was in a relationship with Davidson. Soon after, it turned into a different feud.

A Messy Divorce

Soon after Kim confirmed her relationship with Davidson, Kanye posted a screenshot of a message he received from Kim. She told Kanye he was creating a “dangerous and scary environment.” In early 2022, Kanye told his millions of followers that he wasn’t invited to his daughter’s birthday party.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are seen in Paris.
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Instead of working things out privately, Kanye continued to attack Kim and her family on social media. Kim didn’t give him the attention he wanted on a public platform, so he kept attacking her. In an interview, Kanye said he wasn’t allowed inside Kim’s home to see his kids because Davidson was there.

What’s the Truth?

Kanye kept going after Kim until she had no choice but to respond to him. She posted a statement that divorce is challenging and “Kanye’s obsession with trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly is only causing further pain.”

Kim Kardashian / Kanye West
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Kim wanted their divorce and matters regarding their children to remain private for their safety, but Kanye didn’t care. He then accused Kim of “kidnapping” their daughter, Chicago. A few days later, Kanye tried to love bomb Kim by sending her a truckload of roses for Valentine’s Day.

Kanye Vs. Pete Davidson

Because Davidson had started dating Kim, he was also dragged into the drama. In March 2022, Kanye released a music video for his song “Eazy,” depicting Davidson being buried alive. Davidson responded by posting his texts with Kanye.

Kanye West / Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian
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Davidson asked Kanye to leave Kim alone because he was hurting her. Kanye’s fans also attacked Davidson on Instagram because of the hate Kanye had for the comedian. Meanwhile, Kanye was dragging out the divorce process making it hard for Kim and Davidson to have a calm relationship.

Kanye Vs. the Kardashians

Since Kim filed for divorce, no one in the Kardashian family has been safe from Kanye’s hateful comments. In August 2022, Kanye’s fifth divorce lawyer quit, and Kim told the judge Kanye’s lack of cooperation prevented their divorce from finalizing.

Kanye poses with the Kardashians.
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Around the same time, Kim and Davidson broke up. Kanye got what he wanted but didn’t leave the family alone. He kept claiming the Kardashians kidnapped his children and denied him from being with his kids. The family had enough of his lies, so Khloe finally spoke up.

Will It Ever End?

During Kanye’s most recent tirade, Khloe commented on his photo that she had seen the messages between Kanye and Kim. She said he was allowed to see his children and knew where they were at all times. Khloe begged him to stop attacking the family on social media.

Kanye and Khloe at an event.
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Everything Kanye had been doing, including posting the name of his children’s school, was hurting his family, but he didn’t care. Kanye appeared to be on a mission to fight anyone that criticized or spoke against him. He just wanted to get his thoughts out, whether they were true or not.

Kanye Vs. Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson is an editor for Vogue, and she criticized Kanye’s latest fashion line, which he debuted at Paris Fashion Week 2022. The shirts shown on the runway had a controversial statement on the back, and Karefa-Johnson shared her opinion about Kanye’s line.

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson attends The Fifteen Percent Pledge Benefit Gala.
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As we have seen in the past, Kanye doesn’t respond well to critiques. In response, he slammed the editor by insulting her fashion choices and questioning her credibility. Hours later, Kanye said he and Karefa-Johnson had worked things out in a “private meeting.”

Kanye Vs. Gigi Hadid

After the incident with Karefa-Johnson, many celebrities in the fashion world took to social media to defend the editor and speak out against Kanye. Among those who supported Karefa-Johnson was Gigi Hadid. The model commented on his Instagram post, “You wish you had a percentage of her intellect.”

Kanye West / Gigi Hadid
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In response, Kanye made a separate Instagram post attacking Hadid. He called her a “corny, entitled Karen.” Hadid said Kanye was a bully and being invited to his show shouldn’t keep anyone from stating their honest opinions. However, she wasn’t the only one to get on his bad side.

Kanye Vs. Hailey and Justin Bieber

Besides Hadid, Hailey Bieber also stood in solidarity with Karefa-Johnson. Unfortunately, sharing her support against bullying hit Kanye hard. He responded by posting an old article about Hailey and Drake from 2016 with the caption, “Justin, come get your girl.”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber attend The 2021 Met Gala.
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Although Kanye and Justin Bieber had been friends for several years, the hateful comments about Hailey made Justin cut ties with Kanye. He wasn’t going to stand by while the rapper attacked his wife. Hailey didn’t even say anything negative about Kanye, but Kanye always goes below the belt.

Kanye Vs. Adidas

For many years, Kanye has had a partnership with Adidas. The company helped Kanye create and distribute his Yeezy collection. But after several years of working with Adidas, Kanye turned on them in May 2022. The sportswear brand released its Adilette 22 sandals, which looked similar to Kanye’s design.

Eric Liedtke and Kanye West announce Adidas and Yeezy collaboration.
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Kanye posted a picture of the Adidas sandal on his Instagram with the caption, “A fake Yeezy made by Adidas. I’m not standing for this blatant copying anymore.” He then targeted his attack at Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted. Adidas did not address the comparisons.

He Was Left Out

Since 2019, Adidas has held an annual Yeezy Day. However, in 2022, Kanye told Complex that the company made up Yeezy day without his approval. He claimed the company reissued Yeezy styles with different colors without consulting him. In turn, Kanye kept calling out Adidas executives.

Kanye West speaks on stage during Kanye West Yeezy Season 3.
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Kanye accused the company of stealing his ideas and leaving him out of important meetings regarding products and planning. He alleged that Adidas tried to buy him out for $1 billion, but he didn’t agree because he wanted something to leave for his children.

Under Review

Kanye continued his personal attacks on Adidas executives, and anyone related to the company. Surprisingly, celebrities defended him and boycotted the brand. Many felt Kanye had been treated poorly by Adidas. Kanye also claimed the brand used Hip Hop and black culture to make billions.

Kanye reacts to Adidas in an Instagram post.
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As you can imagine, Adidas executives were upset with Kanye’s public attacks. The company posted a statement saying they tried to resolve issues several times privately, but it didn’t work. Therefore, Adidas announced their relationship with Kanye was under review.

Kanye Vs. Gap

Kanye’s relationship with Gap began in 2020 after he announced his Yeezy fashion brand would collaborate with Gap. The deal was for Gap to sell 40 percent of Yeezy Gap in its brick-and-mortar stores towards the end of 2021. However, Kanye accused Gap of holding meetings without him.

Kanye West speaks on stage.
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In August 2022, Kanye accused Gap of copying his Yeezy designs and leaving him out of important meetings. On September 1, Kanye announced his plans to open a Yeezy store despite Gap and Adidas contractually stating they would build permanent Yeezy stores.

Terminating Contracts

After a very public feud with Gap, Kanye announced that he terminated his contract with Gap because they “failed to fulfill contractual obligations.” He was referencing the company’s failure to build permanent Yeezy stores. Gap confirmed the news, but they will still sell his products until 2023.

Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week.
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Gap will sell existing Yeezy Gap products until early next year, which includes fall and holiday collections. Additionally, pieces made in collaboration with Balenciaga will still be sold through Gap. The contract between Kanye and Gap was supposed to last until 2026.

Kanye Vs. John Legend

While Kim and Chrissy Teigen have been friends for years, Kanye and Teigen’s husband, John Legend, had a falling out. The two couples used to be close, but Legend cut ties because he didn’t support Kanye’s run for office. Legend said he could not give his friendship with Kanye a “green light.” anymore.

Kanye and John Legend attend an event.
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Kanye was upset that Legend didn’t support his campaign, and it became too much for them to sustain a friendship. Although there wasn’t a major public feud, Kanye hoped his friends would support his run for office instead of supporting his opponents.

Kanye Vs. Peppa Pig

In case you are confused, Peppa Pig is a cartoon character from the children’s show Peppa Pig. While she is not real, Kanye still managed to get into a feud with her. Peppa Pig took aim at West in September 2021 after the release of Peppa’s adventures: The Album.

The tweet Peppa Pig responded to Kanye.
Source: Twitter

Well, it wasn’t actually Peppa attacking Kanye. Music publication Pitchfork rated Kanye’s album Donda a six but gave Peppa’s album a 6.5 rating. Kanye then tweeted, “Peppa didn’t need to host listening parties in Mercedes-Benz Stadium to get that .5.” Maybe he forgot Peppa is a cartoon.

Kanye Vs. Kid Cudi

Kanye and rapper Kid Cudi had been friends for many years, but their feud began when Kanye announced Kid Cudi wouldn’t appear on his Donda 2 album. He made the statement because of Kid Cudi’s friendship with Pete Davidson. Kid Cudi said he didn’t want to be on the album.

Kanye West and Kid Cudi attend an event.
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In a further Instagram post, Kanye shared a picture of himself, Kid Cudi, and Timothee Chalamet from 2019 with Davidson’s face crossed out. He captioned the photo, “I just wanted my friend to have my back. The knife just goes in deeper.”

The End of a Friendship

Most people don’t like being attacked on social media, so it’s understandable why Kid Cudi did not appreciate Kanye’s posts. Why would anyone want to be friends with someone who publicly accuses them of being a bad friend? We wouldn’t want to keep that person in our lives.

Kid Cudi and Kanye West attend the Michael Bastian presentation.
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In response to Kanye’s posts, Kid Cudi wrote, “We talked about this weeks ago. You’re whack for flipping the script and posting this lie just for a look on the internet. You aren’t a friend. BYE.” We are on Kid Cudi’s side in this feud.

Kanye Vs. Justin Timberlake

Kanye’s feud with Justin Timberlake began at the 2015 VMAs. It seems that’s not the best place for Kanye to interact with other celebrities. Kanye name-dropped Timberlake while talking about a previous encounter with the singer at the Grammys.

Justin Timberlake and Kanye West attend an event.
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Kanye said he didn’t think Timberlake deserved the Grammy for Album of the Year. Kanye said he saw his friend crying, so he called Timberlake out at the VMAs. It made no sense, and Timberlake didn’t give Kanye’s ridiculous comments the time of day.

Kanye Vs. Ray J

As you could have guessed, Kanye isn’t trying to be friends with Kim Kardashian’s exes. While he was still married to Kim, Kanye took jabs at Ray J in 2016. Ray J infamously made a sex tape with Kim, so Kanye dissed him in his 2016 song “Highlights.”

Kanye West / Ray J
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Kanye rapped, “I bet me and Ray J would be friends if we didn’t like the same b**ch/ Yeah, he might have hit it first, only problem is I’m rich.” Kanye claimed Ray J lost Kim because he was better, but it also insulted Kim because he insinuated she was after his money.

Kanye Vs. Deadmau5

DJ Deadmau5 got caught in a Twitter war with Kanye after Kanye shared a picture of the file-sharing site Pirate Bay, which had a link to Deadmau5’s editing software, Serum. The DJ replied saying, “What the f**k, Kanye West. You can’t afford Serum?”

Deadmau5 and Kanye West stand on stage.
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The DJ joked about starting a Kickstarter to help Kanye afford a copy of Serum, which cost $200. Kanye decided to drag his daughter North into the drama by replying, “Do you do birthday parties? My daughter loves Minnie Mouse.”