You May Have To Look Twice: Actors And Their Stunt Doubles

Hollywood is filled with much more than just actors, directors, and producers. A lot is going on behind the scenes that help make a movie great. There are Costume designers and makeup teams, but the real magic comes from the stunt performers. Typically, the actor gets praise for their part in the movie, but the stunt workers hardly ever get recognition. It’s all part of the illusion; audiences are supposed to feel like someone else is playing the character. Many actors do give credit to their stunt doubles and pose for a picture showing off their similarities.


Photo by phol_66, / Featureflash Photo Agency, / JStone, / Stephen Lovekin,

Stunt performers have a dangerous job and risk their lives to make our movie-going experience better. Whenever you see your favorite actors jumping off buildings or getting in fights, chances are there are using a stunt double. Most of these stunt workers have an athletic background and have to be in top physical shape constantly. Check out some of these fearless performers and see who doubles for your favorite action star.

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