Forbidden Love: Couple Reconnects After 50 Years Apart

Love at first sight seems to only happen in fairy tales and romcoms. Well, believe it or not, some people experience it firsthand. We’ve all read Romeo and Juliet, or heard stories about forbidden love. Somehow, forbidden love is always the purest form of love. Unfortunately, it’s not just in storybooks; many people have to choose between their family’s approval and their soulmate.


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Janice Rude and Prentiss Willson knew they were meant to be as soon as they locked eyes for the first time. They were both students at Occidental College in Los Angeles when they met back in 1962. The couple was head over heels for each other and planned a beautiful future together. Sadly, shortly after announcing their engagement, the pair went their separate ways. About 50 years after they broke up, both Janice and Prentiss made a shocking discovery that brought them back together.

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