The Friendliest Dogs in the World That Will Make the Perfect House-Hold Pet

Humans are not solitary creatures. We need companionship. But sometimes we don’t crave human companionship; we just need someone to be there for us, listen to us rant, cuddle with us, play with us and have someone who loves us beyond everyone else.

Dog sitting on a couch
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A single human does not always meet this criterion, so we often turn to animals to somehow fill this void. And they always rise to the occasion. After all, unlike humans, if you love an animal, it will definitely love you back. They will listen to you, cuddle with you, spend time with you and play with you all hours of the day and all they require in return is a reciprocation of their love and care.

Take a look at the best house-friendly dogs to take home and make your new best friend!

Cesky Terrier

This dog is 13 inches tall, fully grown, and has silky hair that you can’t resist running your hands through. This pedigree of a dog is extremely rare, especially today. They’re small and absolutely adorable. These small hunter dogs have a very average looking face, but it’s their wavy silken hair that truly sets them apart.

Cesky terrier
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You’ll find that this is one of the most easily trained dogs in the world. Only 600 of them are available to adopt in America right now. It’s because of how popular they are. I mean, who wouldn’t want a dog who is extremely loyal and very happy?

Sussex Spaniel

The frowning expression of this little thing will definitely put you at odds with its extremely cheerful nature. The Sussex Spaniel will give you real Lady&The Tramp vibes. ‘Lady’ was a cocker spaniel, though. The spaniels are a pedigree of dog that is quite lazy and very low maintenance, so a lot of people actually prefer to have them in the house in comparison to other dogs.

Sussex Spaniel
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The Sussex spaniel is a great cuddler too, so whenever you want to just lay down in front of the fire, your spaniel will just cuddle up to you under your hand. You can lull yourself to sleep while petting their thick coat of fur. Doesn’t that sound soothing?

Skye Terrier

If you want a dog that is small in size but has got the heart of a truly born lion, then the Skye Terrier is exactly the pedigree of dog you need in your life. This little thing loves taking long walks and is energetic enough to accompany you on some scenic routes, feeling the wind in its hair and yours and just enjoying a good breeze.

Skye Terrier
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Their big furry ears make you wanna bury your hands in them all day long. But don’t let their long fur confuse you into thinking that these dogs are lethargic in nature. They are not. Beneath the fur is a very muscular and active body that makes them perfect for playing fetch with.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

These pups are on the smaller side of the dog spectrum, but that’s what makes them infinitely more adorable and coveted. It’s like their appearance flips a switch inside your heart and everything else just fades away. But don’t think their small size means that they are weak. They are not.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier
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They may be small, but they’ve got a lot of pride and confidence within them that we often wish we had. With how fluffy they are, you would think they would shed a lot of furs, but surprisingly they do not. But the fluffy hair makes them love belly rubs and we, of course, love giving them.

Sealyham Terrier

If you’ve seen Lady&The Tramp, then you will probably recognize this little cutie. Yep, he’s Jacque, the Sealyham terrier. The best thing about this pedigree of dogs is that they are very mischievous. They love playing with you, which makes them a very good de-stresses after a long day.

Sealyham Terrier
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Some people describe them as an NFL running back because of their slow build but powerful legs. You’ll find that this structure of theirs lends to their sly sense of humor and provides quite a bit of comic relief around the house.

Finnish Lapphund

Do you know about the concept of Stranger danger? Well, if you don’t, then these Nordic dogs can teach you all about it. The Finnish Lapphund is a breed of dog that knows exactly who his adoptive family is. And anyone he doesn’t know he doesn’t like. Which is a pretty good attitude to have in case of burglars, don’t you think!

Finnish Lapphund
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This does mean that the Finnish Lapphund is all bark all the time, they are actually quite friendly dogs. And if you’re having a lazy day, then they will curl up around your feet or on your lap, while you read a book. You’ll feel yourself surrounded by warmth and safety.

Field Spaniel

This little dog is about 18 inches long, or 17 depending on gender and is extremely fun to be around. The fun increases when you see how smart this breed of a dog truly is. Add that to those gorgeous floppy ears, and you’re probably hooked.

Field Spaniel
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A Field Spaniel is slightly larger than its Cocker Spaniel kin, but they are just as loving and caring. These cute little dogs surround their humans with all the love and care they have in their tiny little hearts. Plus they’re quite easy to train as well, probably because of how smart they are!


When you first hear the name Affenpinscher, it normally doesn’t ring a bell unless of course, you’re a dog enthusiast. Otherwise, most people think it’s a foreign food name. Let us clarify, it is not a foreign food name but actually a dog, whose name roughly translates to ‘Ape terriers.’

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These little munchkins are both tiny and adorable. Just look at that pouty face, and you’ll figure out the true power of a puppy dog pout. You will probably find yourself babying this little thing and laugh while he wrecks mischief in your home.

Clumber Spaniel

You would think every dog knows the doggy paddle but none more so than the Clumber Spaniel. This little dog is a true gentleman. If he ever saw his human in trouble, then he’d jump right in and help as a gentleman would. They are built heavy and low, so they can pounce on you without you even realizing it.

Clumber Spaniel
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The pouncing generally does not happen as the Clumber Spaniel is quite a loving and lazy breed of dog. Although they do have their naughty moments as all dogs no matter how big or small, are prone to have.


Although the name of this particular breed of dog is quite alien or unusual you could say, they are no less adorable and loyal to their adoptive humans. The Xoloitzcuintli is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. In many ways, they are still considered very apt guardians. You can be rest assured that they will always protect their territory at any cost.

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In many cultures, it is believed that these dogs guard off bad omens and evil spirits. They believe it is probably because of their calm nature which lets them think and act with a cool head in the face of danger.

American Hairless Terrier

Unlike hairless cats, the American hairless Terriers are actually quite friendly. So much so that the age-old rivalry between cats and dogs seemingly doesn’t apply to this breed of dog at all. Isn’t that a wonder! Shows you how truly passive and kind this little Terrier is.

American hairless Terrier
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Another great thing about this little Terrier is that its an awesome pet for all those who have fur allergies but love dogs. The hairless Terrier is absolutely perfect for those people. They might not be much of a guardian, but they do love to play and will always brighten up your day.

English Toy Spaniel

Like their name suggest these little dogs who can grow only up to 9 or 10 inches are extremely adorable. If you didn’t see it breathing or playing you would probably think it’s a stuffed toy; that’s probably where its name came from. They are probably the most affectionate breed of dog in the world and the least threatening as well.

English toy spaniel
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You probably won’t even realize the presence of an English toy spaniel in the house because this little thing hardly ever barks unless necessary. They are a quiet breed full of playfulness and sweet temperament that just about melts your heart.

Manchester Terrier

This breed of dog loves the great outdoors. Take them out to the park, and you’ll see them bounding around happily racing against the wind. If you’re someone who loves the great outdoors, then the Manchester Terrier is perfect for you. These dogs love the outdoors, but they can be happy indoors as well.

Manchester Terrier
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They are smart, fun-loving, and very loyal. If they feel that there is a threat to their human, they will definitely stand their ground and protect their humans at all costs. A fun way to spend time with them is taking them to the park, and playing “fetche” or running around through the trees in the park with them.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terriers have a lot of energy! And why shouldn’t they? After all, in the beginning, these dogs used to primarily be used for getting rid of various vermin. Later they were also used her herding cattle and sheep. But now they are mostly adopted as a companion or a working dog on a farm.

Kerry Blue Terrier
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But even though these little Terriers are extremely useful to around, they are still very uncommon. But if you do end up adopting a Kerry Blue Terrier, you will find your life enriched. Another great thing about them which makes them a house-friendly animal is that they are allergy-friendly; this is mainly because they shed little to no fur. Just look at their adorable faces! How can anyone resist them?

Welsh Terrier

Kids need constant companionship. They need attention every minute of every day, but sadly in this day and age, giving every single minute of the day cannot be given to the child. But still it’s important to find companions for them and who better than a dog, more specifically a Welsh Terrier to do exactly that.

Welsh Terrier
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Welsh Terriers are known for their Child-friendly qualities. They make for great playmates to a child of any age. They protect the child from harm, play with him with their boundless energy, and essentially take over all the duties of a babysitter when trained properly.

Japanese Chin

The Royal Highness Dog breed, Japanese Chin is a true aristocrat. Just look at its sleek fur and pert nose. You’ll find that much like a human aristocrat, this 11 pounds of dog, will also remain quite aloof unless in a familiar company or until he has become accustomed to the new company.

Japanese Chin
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One the Japanese Chin has been made familiar with the new company, they become extremely playful. They bound around you, trying to play and be coy at the same time. This breed of the dog never leaves its coy personality.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is a dog that is known throughout the world for its uncanny human-like expressions. You’ve probably seen a lot of memes with their adorable faces on social media too. The people who adopt these little babies, know that the Brussels Griffon pedigree is one that is trained quite easily. This is why these dogs can so easily emulate expression too.

Brussels Griffons
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Many people compare this breed of dog to Terriers as both are extremely easy to train and are quite house friendly. The Brussels Griffon are dogs that can definitely make you laugh and cry at the same time due to how adorable they are.

Norwegian Elkhound

The one thing that every dog lover knows about the Norwegian Elkhound is that they have a hunting gene practically embedded into their DNA by Mother Nature. They can sniff out trouble and prey in a matter of literal seconds. This is why they are most often kept as police or hunting dogs too.

Norweigian Elkhound
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Although they are happy to stay at home with you as well as lively companions as long as you make sure to take them out for some leg stretching for a few hours every day. After all, it would not do for the Norwegian Elkhound to have pent up energy.


This little dog will give you distinct vibes of a Lions’ mane. Their little faces are covered with long flowing hair that you can’t help but want to bury yourself in. It’s like having your own personal walking talking fluffy pillow that barks and yips around your house.

Source: Pixabay

The Keeshond is a very good companion to all who meet him. He’s very friendly and doesn’t take long to get comfortable with new people, but this doesn’t mean he forgets his loyalty to you. If ever something around you is threatening you, your Keeshond will come in, hackles raised ready to save you.


There aren’t a lot of Royal dogs, but the Pekingese is definitely true loyalty. You can see it in the way they carry themselves. Like true royalty, they hold themselves to a certain standard, that they do not go beneath. This does not mean that they aren’t playful, but not to the extent that other puppies are.

Source: Viktoriia Kotliarchuk/Shutterstock

These little pups are so adorable that you don’t really mind their uppityness and you’ll see in their behavior how truly happy they are to be in your presence. Although not as energetic as other dogs, they’ll still show their love for you with the way they cuddle up and stay close to you.

Coton De Tulear

When you talk about constant companionship, the French breed Coton De Tulear is number one. These dogs are practically glued to your side. They would not leave you alone for a second if it was possible. They will listen to all your heartache, your sorrows, and sadness. But they will also listen to your happiness.

Coton De Tulear
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You would think the French dogs will stand to the stereotype of the French being standoffish, but like all stereotypes, this one proves false as well. The French dogs, like all dogs, require affection, love, and care. And as long as they get that they will lay down their lives for you.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Ever heard the term, ‘Stubborn as a mule’ or the term ‘Grab the bull by its’ horns?’ Well, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the embodiment of these phrases. They are extremely stubborn and will dig their heels in for a cause they think is their right. They will be loyal to a fault to their adopted humans and no one, absolutely no one can convince them otherwise.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
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The Staffie likes being both indoors and outdoors. If you aren’t an outdoor person, the Staffie will not mind as long as you take him out to stretch his legs for an hour or two every day. It’s because of the energy they have built-in their small little package. These dogs are small yet stocky, so don’t let one of them tackle you because they’ve got a lot of muscle hidden behind that adorable face.

Chinese Crested

Looking at this picture you’re probably confused, is it a cat? Or is it a dog? Is it mix-breed? The answer to all these questions is no. The Chinese crested dog is not cats, they are pureblood dogs who have certain cat-like qualities.

Chinese crested dog
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This is to say that they like curling up on a pillow, they like being clean and tidy and do not like running around outdoors. But this is not to say that they won’t bark and growl the minute they are angry, or feel alone or have a cat in their sights.

Chow Chow

This is another breed of dog that is not a big barker. He loves yipping around the house like a young pup just discovering his legs. When you look at him, you’ll be distinctly reminded of a little lion, the fur around their head much like a shaggy mane. But unlike that particular predator, Chow Chows’ are extremely loving and playful.

Chow Chow
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They quite literally couldn’t hurt a fly. When not playing around the house or outdoors with their adopted humans, the Chow Chow can be found in a small comfortable corner of the house napping or resting, to conserve energy until its time to play again.

Italian Greyhound

The greyhound is better known for its racetrack abilities, but the Italian Greyhound, unlike their cousins, are city dogs. They love sitting in the garden with you enjoying the shade or playing fetch for an hour or two and then curling up around you for a good long nap.

Chow Chow
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These little dogs who only grow up to 15 inches have very alert ears. Their ears can pick up sounds from quite a few miles away, making them good security systems and guardians too. You’ll find that the Italian greyhound loves a good run but is perfectly content staying indoors as well.

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso has gorgeous straight flowing white hair that requires grooming every day, but the hair is so silky and soft that you won’t really mind the grooming. The grooming will become a time of bonding between you and your Lhaha Apso.

Lhasa Apso
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These dogs stand tall and proud, aloof to all but their familiar people. They are confident dogs that stand tall in the face of every situation. You’ll find that they are intelligent animals and stay with their adopted humans with a great deal of playfulness and fun.

Chinese Shar-Pei

The Chinese Shar-pei is true to the way their name sounds. They have the aloofness that their aristocratic name suggests but they will never say no to a good belly rub. If you’re the human who has adopted this special breed of dog, then you can be rest assured that they will play, jump, and enjoy quite a bit of belly scratches from you!

Chinese Shar-pei
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But if you are a stranger, you can definitely forget the belly scratches because these dogs will have a 360-degree change in their demeanor. Whereat first they were playful now they are aloof, haughty and will turn their nose up at the stranger.


The Whippet, like its name, can sprint up to 35 miles an hour without taking a break. That’s probably where their name originated from. If you’re a runner or someone who likes exercise, then the Whippet is the perfect dog for you to run with. They, unlike other dogs, will not get tired and will surely give you a run for your money.

Source: Tommaso Lizzul/Shutterstock

Their energy doesn’t mean that they aren’t indoor animals; they definitely are because just like humans, after they have spent out all their energy, they like going home and relaxing. Stretching out their paws, yawning and taking a good long rest cuddled up to their humans.

Scottish Terrier

These little loves love to explore. If you don’t want them to get into anything in the house, its probably better if you put it where they can’t possibly reach because you can be rest assured that they will get into it if it is in their reach. The Scottish Terriers are extremely curious and quite confident as well.

Scottish Terrier
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Their curious nature sometimes leads to them committing naughty and silly things which would definitely make you laugh aloud. Along with the laughter they incited inside you, there is an ironclad loyalty that they will hold for you. A loyalty that definitely knows no bounds.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

You’ve probably heard of the Wheaten Greeting. This greetings’ name came from the Wheaten Terrier dog and the way they greet their adopted humans. It’s probably the happiest greeting in the world. They jump around you, in circles, happily barking and yipping like you made their world brighter by just entering through the door.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
Source: Vadim Petrakov/Shutterstock

Another thing the Wheaten Terrier is quite famous for is their soft coat. Often they are referred to as the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. If you look at them, you’ll find that their fur as soft as that of a sheep. You’ll find that they are also as stubborn as sheep, but unlike them, they are extremely joyful and friendly.

Basset Hounds

The Basset Hound is one of the most famous types of dogs. They love lazing about under a shade in the sun. This shows how extremely lazy they are, but once they’re done resting, they can put in a good few hours of playing with you. They also make good nannies for the little kids in your house.

Basset Hound
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The Basset Hound is great for kids, especially because they have endless patience and will stand their ground if they feel the child is going somewhere dangerous. They will not let the child be put in danger if they can help it. The Basset Hound is also one of the only dogs in the world that are quite charming and kind to Strangers as well.

These are just a few dogs that are perfect for your house, there are many more! It’s up to you to choose the perfect dog for your house after being perfectly informed.


Full-grown height: 8–10 inches
Full-grown weight: 6–8 pounds
Traits: Gentle, playful, affectionate, fearless, charming

Source: Max Pixel

These toy dogs are totally charming and elegant and have been around for over three millennia. They’re classic lap dogs, but they still like to play outside when on a walk.

Border Collie

Full-grown height: 19–22 inches (male), 18–21 inches (female)
Full-grown weight: 30–45 pounds (male), 27–42 pounds (female)
Traits: Smart

Border Collie
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These are herding dogs who are agile and athletic, with intelligence that can create a highly trainable pet.


Full-grown height: 6–9 inches
Full-grown weight: 3–6 pounds
Traits: Charming

Source: Elena Lar/Shutterstock

Chihuahuas are apartment-friendly dogs who like to play at home and be in their territory. They are smart, so they don’t need too much training.


Full-grown height: 10–13 inches
Full-grown weight: 14–18 pounds
Traits: Tempered, charming, loving

Source: Unsplash

Pugs make really great companions since they are even-tempered and loving. They’re not too athletic, but like long walks where they get to feed their natural curiosity.

Not Every Animal Is Compatible To Your House

Although animals are great companions, not all of them can be kept as pets. Some of them are predators and belong in the jungle where they can run wild and free. But a small portion of animals is those that are considered house friendly and tame.

Source: Porottya Mathe

These animals thrive with the love and care shown to them inside a house, they are loyal to the family they have been adopted into. All you need to do to make sure that they are aptly cared for is by feeding them regularly, spend time with them, and take care of every other need they might have. After all, animals have rights too, and we should definitely keep them in mind.

A Dog Is Definitely A Man’s Best Friend

In all the tame animals, i.e., rabbits, fish, turtles, chicks, parrots, birds, and more, dogs are definitely the most preferred animal. There are many reasons for this. First and foremost is the sheer loyalty dogs show to their humans. It’s practically otherworldly. This amount of loyalty is unlike anything humans could ever provide each other with.

Source: SubertT/Shutterstock

They bond around your house, tongue lolling ready to greet you every time you enter the house. They’ll lick your face and happily dance around you until you can’t help but laugh and play with them. Whatever stresses you might have had that day, wash away when you look at the smiling face, happy to see you no matter the circumstance.

The Good Thing About Having A Dog In The House Is That…

Do you know the best thing about having a dog in the house? No, it’s not the amazing amount of loyalty or the silliness and laughter they bring to the house. It’s actually their very presence next to you. Dogs have the amazing ability to make you feel wanted, knowing that at least one being in the world loves you unconditionally and is dependant on you.

Boston Terrier
Source: bubulu

These animals are famous for their warmth. They way they just lay down on your feet, keeping them warm while you read a book or do some work. They even do a good job keeping the nightmares away at night by cuddling up close to you.

Some Dogs Are More House- Friendly Then Others

Although dogs a whole are considered Man’s best friend, there is some pedigree of dogs that are more house friendly than others. A question most commonly asked is, ‘How do you categorize which pedigree of a dog is more house-friendly and which is not?’ The answer is quite simple. All you have to do is find and correlate some qualities.

Shih Tzu
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These dogs aren’t very active, they don’t shed a lot of hair, they do not bark excessively and round the clock but only when necessary. They do not grow too large that their presence in the house becomes too overbearing or they have to become confined to an outhouse. And lastly, they do not become increasingly rowdy.