The Friendliest Dogs in the World That Will Make the Perfect House-Hold Pet

Humans are not solitary creatures. We need companionship. But sometimes we don’t crave human companionship; we just need someone to be there for us, listen to us rant, cuddle with us, play with us and have someone who loves us beyond everyone else.


Source: Lightfield Studios/Shutterstock

A single human does not always meet this criterion, so we often turn to animals to somehow fill this void. And they always rise to the occasion. After all, unlike humans, if you love an animal, it will definitely love you back. They will listen to you, cuddle with you, spend time with you and play with you all hours of the day and all they require in return is a reciprocation of their love and care.

Take a look at the best house-friendly dogs to take home and make your new best friend!

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