Life in a Bubble: Biosphere 2’s Experiment Gone Wrong

Not many people know about the oasis that sits in the middle of the Arizona desert, right outside of Tucson, called Oracle. There lies a funny-looking three-acre glass building that used to be home to a project called Biosphere 2. It was created in the 90s, with a very noble goal of giving humans the chance to build livable environments in space for future colonization. Where? Well, the moon or Mars for starters.


Biosphere 2 Ceter of the Columbia University. Photo By: Jochen Tack/imageBROKER/Shutterstock

In 1991, eight people were given the offer to be a part of one of the most expensive scientific experiments in recent history. So what happened there? How did “the most exciting scientific project” turn into one of “the worst 100 ideas?” After spending two years in the biodome, the study’s participants finally revealed what went on and how life in the structure really was.

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