The Stories of How Two Defiant Mothers Took a Stand Against the School Management

Parents entrust schools in ensuring their child’s education, grooming, and nurturing. This is why parents are always in a state of comfort when their kids are at school, knowing that he or she is under an amazing environment and great care. This, however, was not the case at a school in Colorado, when a young girl came back home starving, as her school did not let her enjoy the food her mother packed. It is safe to say, seeing your child return from school completely drained and hungry would strike a nerve for parents, and that is exactly what happened as this issue ignited heated debates and discussions on a school recognizing its boundaries. The matter escalated as topics of children’s health, nutrition, and the relationship between parents and teachers were dragged in the conversation too.

Not Just Any Other Day

The first story begins with Leeza Pearson and her little daughter, as just like any other day, Leeza was looking forward to welcoming her girl as she returned from school. This, however, was not “any other day,” as to Leeza’s surprise, her daughter had not eaten her lunch at school and came home on a drained stomach.


Source: Nate Biersack/Facebook

Still confused about why her daughter did not eat her favorite lunch, Leeza opened her lunch box to find the untouched food and a peculiar note. She could not, however, get her head around what was written in the note, leaving her in a state of great confusion.

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