Secrets From The Bachelor Franchise And What’s Really On The Contracts

Once you watch one season of The Bachelor, there is no going back. You immediately get hooked, and before you know it, you’re hosting viewing parties for all the spin-off shows! (Or maybe that’s just me). The drama is so intriguing, and there is also the aspect of fighting for your one true love. The franchise has everything that is necessary to keep viewers on the edge of their seat and constantly wanting more!


Source: ABC / IMDB

It may seem like a fun idea to try and find love on a reality show, but it’s not exactly how it seems. All of the contestants have to sign a pretty strict contract with ABC, and you won’t believe some of the rules they have to follow. Producers have a lot more to do with the fights and drama that go on in the show. Ever wonder why Luke P. stayed on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette? Here or some of the rules that the show’s contestant must follow. Plus, we also included some behind the scenes secrets.

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