Five Forgotten Fast Food Chains That Are Still Popular Overseas

From McDonald’s to Burger King, KFC, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell, fast food chains are all over the American landscape, and you can’t go anywhere in America without seeing a few fast food joints along the way. With speedy service and satisfying guilty pleasures, these restaurants are always enjoyable

But not every chain manages to be as big as McDonald’s. Some chains actually started up in America but died out over time, only to become more popular in international locations. Read on to learn about five fast food chains that were bigger abroad than at home.

Tully’s Coffee

We’re living in an excellent age for cafés and coffee shops, with the likes of Starbucks dominating the entire world with its countless coffee concoctions. Back in 1992, a coffee chain named Tully’s started up in Washington. It survived for two decades, going bankrupt in 2012.


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There’s quite an interesting story behind this one, as actor Patrick Dempsey, in conjunction with celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti, bought up the chain in 2013 to try and bring it back, but lots of lawsuits and other issues forced a total US shutdown in 2018. That said, Tully’s still exists overseas in Asia and Europe.

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