Adult Actors Who Played Teenagers

Hollywood is filled with the most beautiful people in the world. Whether it’s the makeup or glamour, some people are just born to be stars. It’s no surprise that many Hollywood directors would prefer not to work with younger actors. First of all, there are child labor laws, and second, it’s way harder to get teenagers to cooperate. I mean, if I was a director I would probably choose to work with more mature and experienced actors too.


Source: Moviestore Collection, Shutterstock / Snap Stills, Shutterstock / Paramount, Shutterstock

This leads to many adults being cast as teenagers. Most of the time, the young-looking actors pull it off incredibly; however, sometimes they are obviously too old to be in high school. It can get borderline creepy at times watching grown men roaming through the halls playing high school students. Here are some adult actors who play high school teens. Some of these are well known, but others will shock you!

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