Boyfriend Secretly Proposes for a Month and His Girlfriend Doesn’t Notice

Edi Okoro is a unique person who had a special idea to surprise his girlfriend, Cally Read, with the perfect proposal. He wanted to ask her to marry him every single day for a month straight without her, even knowing it happened. Thankfully, we’ve been following it all. Cally is in for a real surprise and almost finds out early a few times. Edi goes ahead and proposes to her about thirty times over the next month, catching it all on camera.


Source: Cally and Edi / Facebook

Edi was able to shoot this photo when Cally was checking something out on her phone. Just like this moment, there were a lot of chances for him to get caught. Thankfully, he got through the pictures without the surprise being spoiled. We will take you through his long proposal and even tell the stories that go behind the pictures. After this story, there is another man who was inspired by Edi’s story.

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